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10 points to prove Content is king for small medium B2B marketing

small medium B2B marketing
  • Less than 5% produce content, so competition is very less if you produce quality content on a consistent basis.
  • Content is present everywhere – there are people calling you, sending you emails, blogs, newsletters, articles. If you’re content addresses the current pain point, the chances of your content getting picked/looked at exponentially increases.
  • Trustworthy content is important. As a consumer, we are being sold to all the time. If we are able to solve the real problems of the people, we can gain trust.
  • Content marketing is the only marketing that is left.
  • Take out time to learn about the problems people are facing. Provide solutions that solve real problems. Giving more (content in the form of solutions) to receive later Cold calling is a passé.
  • Create content that is compelling. Content with the right vision helps in moving the prospect very quickly- from a cold prospect to a warm prospect to a follower to a fan and promoter of your brand.
  • Search/find out what questions are being asked. Look at Google’s Longtail keyword suggestion at the bottom. Create content around that.
  • Content marketing is a differentiator that can bring better pricing, terms, and more sales and help build a moat.
  • Content marketing applies to everybody contrary to a belief held by many B2B marketers…
  • Know your customer (buyer’s) journey. If you know the journey your customer takes, you can produce content that he/she can read, consume, and remember to connect when needed. Pull strategy produces better results at cheaper costs.

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