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6 things to keep in mind when generating content ideas for B2B content Marketing

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We all know content is critical for all small and medium businesses whether B2B or B2C., But who are you creating the content for? Do you know what your competitors are doing? What questions or problems does your audience have? I tell you Six things to keep in mind when generating content ideas.

 6 things to keep in mind when generating content ideas on your own:

  • What is your buyer’s persona?
    • You should know who he/she is, her tastes.
    • where she hangs around, what kind of fun or business activities she does
    • Where she learns new stuff and how and where she looks for help
    • You need to know the pain points before you set out with executing
  • What is your competitor’s online strategy?
  • What are people talking about on question and answer sites like Quora?
  • What can you learn from typing your question on Google? Check out what Google prompts.
  • What are the related questions Google shows at the bottom? Provides very powerful insight into what other ways customers are searching for a business like yours.
  • What kind of Headlines and content others have used for your questions? Check BuzzSumo and SemRush kind of tools.

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