Content marketing strategy helps move the business buyers through a series of decision-making steps

Question for you if you are in B2B business:

What is the Buyer at your customer doing right now? Did the Buyer understand your solutions and your competitive advantage?

· Think of Content Marketing as a pull strategy, whereas paid advertising would be more of a push strategy.

· content marketing is one of the most prevalent and powerful programs available to B2B marketers

· Purchase cycles in the B2B world tend to be much longer than those in the B2C space.

· B2B purchases are often larger:

-require greater scrutiny,

-have more layers of approval,

-and prospects generally need to be educated and nurtured before a sales conversion can occur

· Most of the industrial buyer’s journey is done prior to talking to sales (nearly 70%),

-Most prospective buyers are looking at your website as a part of their research process.

-The process is ticking even before and after your salesperson met the prospective buyer

As per the International Best Seller Book “SPIN SELLING by NEIL RACKHAM”

-Success in larger/complex product sales depends on internal selling by the customers on your behalf

-presenting your solutions and products convincingly to others in the company

· Contrary to common belief, buyers are constantly searching online trying to find new ways and answers to their big problems

· If you know the journey- you can produce content that she can read, consume and remember to connect with you when needed.


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