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4 ways to avoid negative reviews for small and medium business in Bay area

negative reviews

Great service, a quality product, and reliable delivery- when customers don’t get any of this, they leave a bad review. More than that, they feel that they have not been heard or validated by the company. You can’t win everyone over, but you can reduce bad reviews when you have the opportunity. Bad reviews have a 10X adverse impact online. We tell how in 4 simple steps 4 ways to avoid negative reviews for small-medium businesses in the Bay area

Be your own customer – Put yourself in the shoes of your customers to get an outsider’s viewpoint

Be easy to contact – Give your customers the opportunity to speak to you about issues they may have, they’ll be able to vent their frustrations to you rather than online

Have multiple channels of communication – Email, phone, live chat – the more opportunity you give the customer to contact you, the more confidence they will have in you as a business, and the less likely they are to panic if things do go wrong.

Respond quickly – Having multiple channels is of no use if you don’t respond quickly.

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