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6 top ways to grow small business and medium business in California

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What’s the most effective way small businesses can market to their local communities and bring in new customers? Here are 6 findings below:

  • Partner with other local businesses in California
  • Give discounts & free shipping to customers in California
  • Sign Up- Local Listings in California
  • Location-based social media content
  • Hire an SEO expert
  • Advertise online
  • Participate in Local events in California

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Annie N.

I regularly help our SMB clients build their Online Presence, Get Found & Rank Higher on Google. Your customers know way more about your business before they set foot in your front door. -Do you know how findable your business is online? It’s not just Google. There are apps, directories, voice search, GPS, etc. -What’s your average review score? -Do you have any negative reviews that you’re aware of? How have you taken care of them? -Have you ever done sentiment analysis of your brand? -Do you have an immediate glimpse into whether that mention of your brand is positive or negative? Build Moat/Competitive advantage through: ✅ Website design ✅ SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Rank Higher in Local Searches ✅ Business Listing services for various apps (Alexa, maps) and business directories ✅ Helping accumulate and manage customer reviews ✅ Robotic Process Automation ✅ Protect against negative reviews and Manage Online Reputation ✅ Digital Ads including Hyper-Local ✅ White glove Postcard mail (with laser-focused List and marketing strategist included) ✅ Content and Email marketing ✅ Other Inbound Marketing initiatives _____________________________ 📊 Want a Limited Time FREE Digital Audit/MRI Scan of your Business! Awesome! DM me on LinkedIn, and I’ll get you started! 👇🏼 𝐋𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐍 𝐌𝐎𝐑𝐄 👇🏼 -- -