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Helping Business owners to punch above their weight through affordable solutions for
Online Presence to Build Moat, Grow and Scale their businesses

Our “WHY”

The “WHY” of Win4Local comes from various conversations with small and medium-size businesses who wanted to build their Online presence but could not afford the retainer model and other hefty fees charged by many agencies.

“WHY” to launch Win4Local also came when we heard in a Podcast that businesses (even established ones) who refuse to build their effective Online Presence would disappear and cease to exist. 

It was one of the harshest statements I heard and with Covid, this problem is coming to business owners at 10X the earlier speed.
Many startups, new businesses, established businesses facing headwinds and rough weather wanted a combination of Strategic Advising on business and many aspects of ever-evolving Digital Marketing strategies. Running a Small business has become very complicated in the new world. Competition can come from any corner of your City, State, Country, or even the world. You need to manage many moving parts.

At Win4Local, we pride ourselves on being Affordable, Strategic and build the foundation of Online presence first.
We help connect the Digital Marketing Dots to achieve your goals!

win4local team

Meet Our Leadership Team

Founder and CEO
Founder and CEO

Sandeep Dhall

Sandeep and his team regularly help Small and Medium businesses build their Online Presence and Get Found & Rank Higher on Google.
His experience in Technology, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Business Processes, and Business Systems, to name a few through 25 years of working in Startups to 35 Billion dollar Global companies, is foundational to understand the complexities, pain points and help Business owners.

He is also a strategic advisor to a few companies.

He is also an Investor and Partner at smbcapitalpartners.com

Marketing Strategist | Fractional CMO
Marketing Strategist | Fractional CMO

Leslie Levy August

Leslie Levy August is a marketing strategist and fractional CMO with both pre – and post-digital marketing experience. Her business and marketing background extends well beyond websites, e-mail and SEO but includes digital marketing and e-commerce. She has designed growth strategies, executed growth and marketing strategies (including digital), and successfully increased client market share from 16% to 44% and profit by 1000+%.

Ms. August excels at analyzing a business’ growth objectives and implementing incremental changes to produce exponential growth.

Investor and Advisor
Investor and Advisor

Chris Damron

Chris advises the Win4Local team on Startups and new product development. Chris is a 20 year executive in the payments industry. Partner, project management, sales development, sales administration, team development, new product development, marketing, including three startups.
He is also the CEO of mylifemobile.net
Operations Manager
Operations Manager

Annie Nusrat Jahan

She joined Win4Local after her Bachelor’s in business and enjoying being a part of its growth. She regularly supports the technical and copywriting team to help business owners reach their goals through our Digital Marketing and Automation services.

My questions to you today are:
  • What’s your average review score?
  • Do you have any negative reviews that you’re aware of? How have you taken care of them?
  • Have you ever done sentiment analysis of your brand?
  • Do you have an immediate glimpse into whether that mention of your brand is positive or negative?

Don’t forget to ask for our Investor Program and Growth based Guarantee Package for select businesses.

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