Easy SEO Benefits from Customer Reviews

If you Google the key products and services your business sells locally, you’ll get a list of three nearby options displayed on Google Maps. Does your business name show up?
This list of businesses is known as the “Local Pack” and your presence here is critical.
There are many factors that get a business in the Local Pack, and recent, positive reviews are one of them.
Customer Voice makes it easy to ask your customers for reviews. Simply enter your customer list, customize your template, and hit send. Just like that, you’re on your way to improving your virtual doorway!
Statistics show us that Google gives around 13% weightage to Review. This is 100% in your control.
91% Trust Reviews as Much as Personal Recommendations.
92% of buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a review.
If customers find negative reviews, they won’t choose you.
Our DIY business tool takes the manual work out of asking for reviews, so you can focus on what matters—running a successful business.


Sandeep Dhall

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