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How to Use Hashtags on LinkedIn to drive traffic

Use Hashtags


Hashtags have been integrated into LinkedIn for a long time. But many businesses still struggle with how to best use them to grow their audience and generate engagement.

Niche hashtags

If you want to reach users outside of your core follower base, niche hashtags can be a highly effective way to reach relevant professionals Example: #b2bleadgeneration is much more effective than #marketing.

Do some hashtag research
LinkedIn users are increasingly using hashtags to help them search up relevant content on the platform. That means that there are two reasons for you to do some hashtag research. Firstly, so that you engage in the conversation on relevant topics/hashtags. Secondly, so that you can use those hashtags in your posts to drive new traffic organically and spark conversations.

Search hashtags based on your industry category

Example:  #marketing if you’re an ad agency, #leadgeneration if that’s a service you offer, #hubspot if that’s a competitor, or #restaurantproblems if that’s a market that you serve

Follow relevant hashtags so you can use your personal account to interact and engage with the people and the businesses that are using them.

Use LinkedIn to get additional hashtag suggestions. On your personal account homepage, you will want to navigate to your left sidebar. On the bottom of this sidebar is a “Discover more” button which will provide you with suggestions on new people to connect with and new hashtags to follow based on your account behavior.

Organize your hashtags based on the ones that you’re following, as well as the categories listed in point 3, and get ready to start using them in posts.

Join the conversation on hashtags that you follow

Posts stemming from hashtags that you follow will show up in your news feed alongside the content being posted by other accounts and connections that you follow. Engage with these posts by liking, reacting, commenting, sharing, or sending the person a direct message pertaining to the post

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