Get Full SEO Services in San Jose & move your website higher in local search rankings

"Google only loves you when you follow best practices for SEO and Online Presence."

Approximately 93 percent of U.S. consumers search for local businesses online. How findable is your business when they search for solutions and answers?

90% of the business on Google is done on the first page

Do you want to expand your online presence?

Are you looking at increasing leads? Or grow revenue?

#1 SEO Services in San Jose can do all this for you with strategy, techniques, tactics to get your website rank higher.

San Jose is a large city surrounded by rolling hills in Silicon Valley. Amid the ever-increasing numbers of San Jose-based businesses, there is a need for Business owners to stay one step ahead of their competition. Online presence has become critical for survival and growth. 


SEO is for everyone, irrespective of the size of your business. Why?

To get more traffic to the website and gain valuable leads. It starts from being on the first page of the search engine results pages (SERPs) for keywords that match your business, brand, and customer’s question.

90% of the business is done on Google’s first page. If you are not on the first page, you’re missing out on valuable leads. Our #1 SEO Services in San Jose can do that for you. 

Organic search results receive way more clicks than paid advertisements. Of all U.S. searches, only 2.8% of people click on paid advertisements. 84% of searches skip paid ads and click on organic search results.

SEO Consulting Services in San Jose

Effective SEO can give you great organic search results - increase traffic, rankings, and visibility in search results. We offer practical, DIY and customized Search Engine Optimization plans.
They are tailored needs and budgets of the customer.

The main difference between the packages and pricing is the location and competitiveness in your industry. Whether you wish to serve the local, regional or national market, the time we invest also influences the budget.

Affordable SEO Consulting Services Starting at $29/ month


$ 29

Monthly Package

  • An easy-to-use DIY SEO tool created for small business
  • a step-by-step SEO plan
  • No need for technical expertise
  • Improve and track the progress of a website's traffic
  • Improve search rankings from a single dashboard
  • Track up and Optimize up to 20 keyword rankings
  • Spy on up to 4 competitors' rankings and metrics
  • Get the website scanned daily with immediate results
  • DIY+

    You want to pick DIY but worried about time and technical steps. No worries, we can do the heavy lifting for you (Technical of course).

    Ask for our custom DIY+ package
SEO Lite
SEO Lite

$ 99

Monthly Package

  • Build your Foundation to Virtual Doorway of your Business
  • Setup Google My Business Page
  • Optimize Google My Business Page
    • 20 Point Checklist
  • Monthly Activity & Content
    • Monthly Google Post
    • Monthly Google Q&A
    • Monthly Photo Uploads
    • Content Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting
  • GMB optimization

    GMB optimization is the foundational step for SEO

    Learn More
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SEO Growth
SEO Growth

$ 425

Monthly Package

  • Ideal for businesses that want to establish local online visibility for the geography where their business is located.
  • The Base Package includes:
    • All-in-one SEO dashboard
    • 7 target keywords
    • 1 piece of content writing or guest blogging (every 6 months)
    • 10+ backlinks every month
    • 5 website pages of on-page optimization
    • Website audit and SEO issues fixes
    • Google My Business listing advanced optimization
    • Website goal conversion tracking [Google Analytics]
    • SEO KPI dashboard and metrics
    • Uptime monitoring and reporting
    • Weekly SEO health check via crawler audit
    • Weekly and Monthly SEO reports
  • **For the verticals of Dentists, Lawyers, and Contractors, more work may be required due to competitiveness in the local market. Please contact us for more information.
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Search Engine Optimization Ultimate

Starting at $500 Per 10-hour Package

Custom Package – Ideal for businesses that want to establish Regional or National online visibility. To ensure relevancy and Trust with Google & other search engines we do the following and more:
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Technology Powered and people enabled SEO Consulting Services - San Jose

Internet is the number one place to source new business. This makes SEO indispensable to bring in more qualified leads and sales. We have helped small and medium businesses in all industries grow their online presence to drive more revenue. SEO is constantly changing because of multiple Google algorithm updates each year that impact ranking factors. Our team is always on top of the latest news and trends.

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Why is important to be at the top?

Are you wondering why your competition is taking away the business by just being on page 1 of Google and you lose out even though you have a better product, service or price?

“90.63% of pages get zero traffic from Google.” from @Ahrefs study of over 1 BILLION web pages.

We customize our SEO consulting services to fit your business needs, demands and target customers. We are a customer-focused agency that believes in developing personalized SEO strategies by using proven, efficient and effective methods to create high-quality, measurable results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is SEO different from Paid advertising?

Organic search engine results are different from Pay-Per-Click visitors. The latter are drawn to your web pages through paid adverts. The moment you stop ads, the traffic stops. SEO is, however, a long term strategy. One needs to invest time, effort, and in many cases, money to implement organic SEO. But the results are consistent for the long term, without paying money for advertisements.

How long does SEO take to work?

Don't expect instant results, and if any SEO consulting services offer you instant results, please avoid them. SEO, when done right, takes time. It majorly depends on where you are starting from. If you are an established business and are not starting from scratch, you may start seeing results sooner than a brand-new website in a highly competitive market. New websites take a little longer as one of the factors Google looks at is how old/seasoned the website is?

How often should SEO be done?

SEO is not a one-time activity. It is a continuous effort, an ongoing process. It should be a continuing process of identifying and addressing your ideal customers' needs, questions they are asking, understanding the competition landscape etc. Working on keywords, On-page SEO, and Off-page, SEO needs long term commitment. Expect to work on it weekly for the best long term consistent leads.