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Get Found & Trusted by your customers with the help of Technology-based Digital Marketing solutions

Manufacturing is a complex business. Most of the industrial buyer’s journey is done prior to talking to sales (nearly 70%), and most prospective buyers are looking at your website as a part of their research process. The process is ticking even after your salesperson left the customer site. Building Small Manufacturing Online Presence is essential now.

As per the  International Best Seller Book “SPIN SELLING by NEIL RACKHAM” – Success in larger/complex product sales depends on internal selling by the customers on your behalf, presenting your solutions and products convincingly to others in the company. What is the Buyer at your customer doing right now? Did the Buyer understand your solutions and your competitive advantage?

Some of the factors buyers take into consideration when researching, evaluating, and internal selling are:

  • Your website
  • Small Manufacturing Online Presence
  • Get Found easily
  • Your information across the web is correct
  • Reputation
  • Social media
  • Reviews what others are saying about you!
  • Case studies of past work
  • and more……

A. Business Listing

Gain Leads, Grow Business

Get Found by customers on Internet

Both Customers and Google hate inconsistent data about your business on the internet. It can result in lost revenue, and a drop in local search ranking.

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Protect your business against negative and bad reviews.

Protect with Local Business Online Reputation App. 

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B. Reputation Management: Protect your business against negative and bad reviews.

Very important as your buyers may be comparing suppliers across the world.

C. Customer Voice App (Business Tool):

Establish trust with customer reviews! Customer reviews increase leads and sales!

Customer Voice App:

Less reviews are a BUSINESS RISK!

Gather Reviews and Build your Economic Moat (Competitive Advantage) now against competition!

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Works on any device, any time—Post and respond in the moment, and never miss a beat.

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D. Social Marketing:

One place to stay social. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. from one App.

E. Website:

WHY INVEST IN A NEW responsive, mobile friendly WEBSITE?

Unlock the unbelievably attractive price for WEBSITE.

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SEO Options starting @ $29 p.m.

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Consumers Start the Buying Process Online, Are they finding your website?

Build your Organic Traffic pipeline….rather than Pay for advertisements every month.

Your content helps the buyers sell internally at customer’s site

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G. Email Marketing and Content Management

Want to get potential buyers connected with you between buying cycles? especially when sales person is not around.. Don’t try to pitch to them, but address the pain points they face in their day-to-day jobs.

Build your Organic Traffic pipeline……Blogs, Content, Email Marketing most effective tools to help you scale

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Supporting entire United States

No matter what your company manufactures, your corporate buyers and end consumers have changed. Traditional old-school methods are no longer the best or only way to reach new customers.

The corporate buyers and end customers are not only dependent on the sales team to inform them about the product anymore. The internet brings them all the information they need, and they can get answers to their specific pain points of that moment in time.

Let us help you reconnect with your customers by improving your online presence and reputation. We can help you clean up your digital footprint, and help you get on the forefront of Google, so your business gets seen first!

Help your corporate buyers and end consumers trust you! Here at Win4Local, we are on a mission to help you with Small Manufacturing Online Presence to get on the Fast path to sales, profits, and success!

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